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In 2010, Seven Auckland Jewellery Geeks embarked on a mission to get their work out there and seen by Subliminally Infiltrating other people's openings with the work of that evening's Feature Geek.
In 2011, a few more geeks join in the fun and break a few of the original Subliminal Infiltration rules...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Auckland Jewellery Community Subliminally Infiltrate the Wallace Arts Trust very fine art establishment - 31JAN12

A very big turnout by the Auckland Jewellery Community for the opening of RETROSPECT at The Pah Homestead TSB Wallace Arts Centre in Hillsborough.

In 2007, Peter Deckers exhibited a cabinet representing 20 year of his practice in New Zealand at Objectspace, which was subsequently purchased by the James Wallace Arts Trust.  Inspired by Peter Deckers prolific exhibition and project inventing habits, Jo Mears had the idea to curate a show based around the Far Sight installation and invite 20 emerging to established jewellers, most of whom had been involved in some of the many projects that Peter had organised over the years (JOC, HandSTAND, HandShake, the SeeHere etc) as a way of giving back to this mentor who has created opportunities for so many new jewellers.  RETROSPECT runs alongside JEMposium, the jewellery symposium that Peter has organised in Wellington this February.

Eloise and Jenny checking out Peters work through the magnifying lenses.

Ross Malcolm talking to Brian Wood wearing Ross Malcolm

The very lovely Manon van Kouswijk with Hilda Gascard and Peter Deckers

Raewyn and Nadene were very pleased to discover that Fabrizio Tridente was in the room. Fabrizio's wife Sahaja did a very good job of translating all night

Cath Dearsley wearing a painting of her bunny 'Sooty' by curator Jo Mears as a brooch.  Sooty's poos featured in Cath's neckpieces

 Some of the Wallace staff had asked Sharon and Jo if they could borrow some cool jewellery for the opening and they were most pleased to see Sir James Wallace wearing their Peter Deckers Moosehead brooch.  Rumour has it that he thought it was very special indeed.

The Gregor Kregar installation hanging from the roof of the master bedroom Subliminally Infiltrated RETROSPECT and was blingingly very appropriate.

Becky Bliss was appropriately wearing some spots to match the Far Sight cabinet
Sharon was also in spots and her fantastic Nadene Carr neckpiece. Lynsay Raine wears Sharon Fitness ring and Sinead Jury necklace.  Everyone I talked to was raving about the wine on offer.  Thanks Ara Single Estate!

 One of my favourite works in the show 'Brooch and Ring' by Sunni Gibson.  Surprisingly we managed to get through the whole night without someone trampling it.

Brett and Rachel wearing a 'g' and a bit of A5 piano from the Platina show

 Raewyn Walsh wearing a fantastic new Kvetoslava Flora Sekanova and Jo Mears wearing vintage Cath Dearsley monkey

Andrea Daly trying to hear the noises that Sharon's neckpiece was making

Jo and Sharon's friends Mary, Tai and Keria wearing Sharon Fitness and Sarah Read. Mary told me that she had been having a fantastic couple of days wearing her borrowed Sharon pieces and had received so many comments from strangers including a man at the service station who was most curious as to why she was wearing a 'Rocket' battery brooch.  This is exactly the kind of interactions I hope to encourage with my work, so I am always delighted to hear that it actually happens, and delighted to have introduced some more people to the exciting world of contemporary jewellery.
 These 3 are all participating in Sarah Read's 'Pass It On' project.

The man from the New Zealand Herald seemed to be having fun taking notes - I wonder what he will say about the show in his article

 There was a boy at the opening juggling crystal balls!

Such a beautiful location for a contemporary jewellery opening.  
A very good show and an absolutely awesome opening!

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