What is this all about?

In 2010, Seven Auckland Jewellery Geeks embarked on a mission to get their work out there and seen by Subliminally Infiltrating other people's openings with the work of that evening's Feature Geek.
In 2011, a few more geeks join in the fun and break a few of the original Subliminal Infiltration rules...

Thursday, February 16, 2012

A very Subliminal Infiltration of the Masterclass Sessions by Kristin D'Agostino - 13FEB12

Sharon and Raewyn did a very subliminal infiltration of the JEMposium Masterclass sessions by wearing Kristin D'Agostino fungi.  Only one comment from another jeweller: 'Are you both wearing the same brooch by coincidence?' 'No, we are not', said Raewyn.  Way too busy and to take incessant photos like someone else in the room, so we only have this one taken at the very end of the day. 

De-breif at The Establishment with Tara and Jhana.

Lynsay Raine wearing her fabulous 'Fuck This, Fuck That' Zoe Brand necklace.  It is such a cool necklace.  Cool and Awesome..  and a whole lot of other words that basically are summed up with cool and awesome.  

Sharon Fitness Subliminally Infiltrates Day Three of JEMposium - 12FEB12

The day of the floppy and wobbly invasion.. 

Six floppies in a row.

Nadene in 2 flat blobs, Kristin in Colin, Debbie in Jumping Jack Flash.

Twin Floppy Poppies.

Sarah Read in Renee Bevan piece of sky and Kristin with Colin (the waterfall).

Floppiness invading the streets of Wellington.

The opening Bartley and Company opening of Pepeha:  Lisa Walker, Areta Wilkinson and Sofia Tekela-Smith.

Sharon was surprised to see something she had written about Lisa a year ago in the booklet of things about Lisa.

Way too hot inside so we all hung out in the courtyard.

Four floppy geeks.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Nadene Carr Infiltrates Day Two of JEMposium and the Pin Swap Soiree - 10FEB12

Day Two of Jemposium included four intense sessions followed by the Pin Swap Soiree at Havana Bar and the opening of Wanna Swap Your Ring - Atelier Ted Noten at Photospace.

Sinead Jury and Lynsay Raine wearing Nadene Carr.

Marcel Van Kamp who was standing in for Ted Noten did a lolly scramble after his talk.  It was no longer a case of 'Ooh you have a piggy ring!' (that was so yesterday).  Now a select and very special few became owners of a Yellow Van Ons Ted Noten ring and it soon became the item to covet.

Eloise Wearing Sharon Fitness and one of my favourite Lisa Walker brooches.

Lucy Pierpont wearing Nadene and Lucy, Lynsay wearing Nadene, Sharon and Sinead, Kerre wearing Jacqui Chan

Kristin eating chips and wearing the most admired Nadene of the Day - she's on to a winner there.

We got a bit silly while we were waiting for the pin swap to start.  Here Renee is dipping her David Bielander Shrimp in the shrimp dish.

And then taking a bite which fueled a quick round of 'Do something silly with your jewellery':
Sharon brushing her hair with her Nadene and pretending to be Dr Evil.
Nadene listening to her Nadene pendant.
Lucy looking for her third Nadene eye.
Raewyn placing her vintage Nadene in an appropriate spot.
And Fran taking advantage of a whole in her Ross Malcolm.

Finally!  The Pin Swap box arrived.

This fueled a frenzy of 'Who did you get?' which was a brilliant way to get to meet some new people and go on a hunt to find the maker of our pins.  Ann Culy got mine.

Sharon wearing her Michelle Wilkinson brooch.

Jacqui Chan wearing her Kristin D'Agostino.

Vivien Atkinson wearing her Fabrizio Tridenti (lucky lucky!), Kathryn Yeats wearing Nadene and Nadine Smith wearing a brooch who's maker I cant remember, but also wearing her rather clever leg mowing pendant.

Thanks to Tuatara brewery, we had a great time at the Ted Noten opening.  All the piggy rings have gone now, much to the disappointment of all those who lack a miss piggy ring.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cath Dearsley Infiltrates on Day One of JEMposium - 09FEB12

 Day One of JEMposium included the only free time of the weekend, so after breakfast buritto's and coffee at Sweet mother's Kitchen we ran to Photospace Gallery to get our selves an Atelier Ted Noten piggy ring so that we could be cool like everyone else.   

This is the ring I swapped for my little piggy.

Checking out Sarah Walker-Holt's installation at Thistle Hall.  Very impressive and really engaging original work. 

Things got pretty crowded at the opening evert at the NZ Academy of Fine Art. 

Kristin, Cath and Sharon wearing Kryptonite

The Masterclass Session exhibition.

Nadene and Debbie in Kryptonite with Victoria McIntosh

The Masterworks owners team infiltrating with Peter Deckers brooches.

Our very lovely Australian Jewellery Geek friend Zoe Brand sporting miss piggy ring and inverted peace sign next to Lynsay in Sinead Jury squashed beads, Cath Dearsley Kryptonite and miss piggy ring.  A very big thank you to JEMposium sponsor Tuatara, who make the bestest beer, for keeping us hydrated all weekend! Awesome!

Contemporary Jewellers Infiltrate Wellington on the first to JEMposium related show openings - 09FEB12

Contemporary Jewellers from around the country and around the world descended upon Wellington for the weekend of 9 - 13 February for JEMposium and its accompanying shows, starting with the newest incarnation of the Handshake show at Toi Poneke and Der Tiefenglanz, a Karl Fritsch/Gavin Hipkins collaboration at Hamish McKay.

Jhana Millers had her gold card on display for the opening, carefully watched by a security guard. It was nice to see such a legendary piece of gold in the flesh. 

Eleven of the twelve Handshake apprentices attended this event, so for many of us this meant meeting for the first time. Sadly Gillian couldn't make it to Wellington, but she did send two fantastic necklaces (seen on left). 

 Very exciting to see Liesbeth den Besten at the show.

 Handshake Mentor Lisa Walker checking out the box of fake sushi brooch by her Mentee Sharon Fitness.

Jewellers en masse on Cuba Street dashing between shows

The Karl Fritsch/Gavin Hipkins show included a multitude of black and white Gavin Hipkins images added to and subtracted from by Karl Fritsch. A truly refreshing approach to adornment.

Clare from Melbourne and Renee Bevan in serious discussion, perhaps about their pink Atelier Ted Noten Miss Piggy rings.

Six Handshake Mentees after dinner. L to R: Nadene Carr, Sharon Fitness, Jhana Millers, Sam Kelly, Debbie Adamson, Lynsay Raine.

Lynsay Raine Subliminally Infiltrates the Manon van Kouswijk, Fabrizio Tridenti and Ted Noten opening at Objectspace - 08FEB12

This will be the last Subliminal Infiltration by Auckland Jewellery Geek Lynsay Raine as she is about to fly one way to Europe via Talente. We will miss her dearly and hope that she returns to her Geek family one day. 

We found 3 lovely jewellers at the bar next door on our way to Objectspace. Renee was wearing her new Manon van Kouswijk flouro sticker necklace.

Cath fell in love with quite a few of Manon's necklaces.

Lynsay's ring in conversation with Fabrizio's ring.

The cutest little pendant on wheels ever.

 Perhaps by chance, a very awesome bike was parked outside that was quite similar aesthetically to Fabrizio's pieces.

 Raewyn and Cath both sporting Yellow Lynsays.

Sharon and Christine both sporting grey Lynsays.

 Eloise running out of frame with her pinkish Lynsay.