What is this all about?

In 2010, Seven Auckland Jewellery Geeks embarked on a mission to get their work out there and seen by Subliminally Infiltrating other people's openings with the work of that evening's Feature Geek.
In 2011, a few more geeks join in the fun and break a few of the original Subliminal Infiltration rules...

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cath Dearsley infiltrates Subliminal Infiltrations at Masterworks 01 December 2010

After four months of solid fun and laughter infiltrating other peoples openings we have Subliminally Infiltrated our own THINKspace at Masterworks.  This doesnt mean it is the end though - we plan to catch up on some deep and meaningful contextualisations of the project and its effects on the population. 

Then we just need to work on our goal of infiltrating the world... hopefully before Bootcamp in February.

Fran and Mary and Yang were our first official visitors.
 Quite an eclectic array of wearables from seven very different makers.  Some punters are a bit confused and perhaps overwhelmed by the variety of work on show, but then started isolating each maker's pieces and become more engaged with the installation as a whole.

 Kristin wears some Cath Dearsley Magic Dust.  Tatjana pointed out that there are always plenty of wine glasses in view in these Subliminal Infiltration photos. Perhaps a glass of wine should be added to the THINKspace installation too.
 The group jewellery show out the front. Garth was quite taken by Lucy's things. Big ups to Raewyn who sold both of her necklaces within the first 30 minutes. Super.
  Lynsay's shoes stole the show again with Martina commenting in a round about way that she might have to kill her for them.
 Kristin had to run off to baby class, so Gillian's Mum graciously took up the Magic Dust duties.  Gillian
wears the slug. Jillian wears one of her many Gavin Hitchings.
 Interesting how many of Cath's pieces have faces.
 The Octopus is faceless but does have many arms that were intent on getting in Sharon's hair.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Raine-ing on Unitec's Parade 24 November 2010

When one is Subliminally Infiltrating, one really should remember to bring one's work along for the Geeks to wear.  Naughty Lynsay. Luckily three geeks were wearing Lynsays all day including one geek that was wearing two Lynsay Raine egg warmers, so we just managed to Subliminally Infiltrate the Unitec Grad Show. 

First up: Geek and Masters by Project candidate Gillian Deery brightened up Snow White with her new green twist - a very impressive spring leaping.
 Chin Chin. Joey was pretending that her number 5 badge was a Lynsay, but it was actually a Fitness/Pierpont collaboration in disguise.
 Sharon was quite taken by Yang Zhang's pin and has since done some negotiating to purchase it. 
 It is so easy to get lost in the Unitec's many rooms and corridors.  I quite liked Rachel's big recycled material pieces which were accompanied by a film that I wish I had had more time to watch.
We Subliminally Infiltrated (blocked) the stairwell for a wee while enroute to find photography.

We finally found Nadene lurking in the painting department wearing borrowed Lynsay egg warmer.
Gillian literally wears a Lynsay as they geer up for a jolly night with 2 cups each. The Unitec grad show is always so generous with their food and wine.
 Raewyn was unable to make the opening, so Subliminally Infiltrated the town hall instead. Interesting how well this Raine goes with the organ pipes. 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The No No No accidental Subliminal Infiltration at the Year 4 MSVA show 12 November 2010

I got to work last Wednesday and got confronted by some terribly scary smiley fund-a-mental christian pictures on the hallway leading to my office.  Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes they said. After screaming 'Aargh!' I ran to my office and scribbled No on some masking tape and slapped it on my shirt. I felt invaded and contaminated, like someone had thrown germs at me. It wasnt so much the "Do you believe jesus christ as your one and only saviour" message with badly spelled bible quotes in english and chinese on the posters that freaked me out, it was more the mass hysteria fundamental happy clappy propaganda thing that overwhelmed me. 

Fran coveted thy neighbours No patch and suggested I made some badges to protect the marking team, so I did - these got snapped up like hotcakes, so I made a few more and left them on the ledge outside my office so that people could save themselves.
No No No No Yes Yes No

We were not intending to Subliminally Infiltrate the Year 4 opening on Friday night because not many Geeks were planning to come, so this Subliminal Infiltration took me quite by surprise.  In fact it wasnt until Maggie and Amberleigh from Artists Alliance came up to me with a horrified look on their face, desperately wanting to know if I had any spare No badges, that I realised that the Nos were Infiltrating all by themselves. So I whipped out my camera and started documenting.  I have no idea whose work we were infiltrating but there was one awkward moment shortly after taking this photograph when there were about 5 Nos in a row when some girls suddenly all turned around and one said "Oh no, they are all wearing Nos"- so maybe it was one of them. 
 the Artist Alliance ladies
Nadene wanted to join the No club before she had even seen the Yes mob. I gave her one with a warning that she may not want to be wearing after she had seen the offending installation down the hall, but it remained on her cardy all night.  They had very nice cakes at the opening.
Mark did a great job spreading the good news about where to find the Nos.
Amy and Philip both came running up to me to get a No badge. I am not sure if they knew each other previously or if they met because of their No affiliations.
Philip's friend Melissa looked much happier with her No on.
 I got to meet the new staff member Echo because she had a No on.
 Laura wore her No subliminally because she didnt want to offend her classmate. She said her father was confused at first but immediately got the reference after seeing the Yes mob.  Laura's installation in the darkrooms was absolutely fantastic and the highlight of the show for me. 
 Cath and Sharon were trying to take a photo of their twin Floppy Poppies but couldnt stop laughing and laughing and laughing. Ba ha ha! Too much bubbles perhaps.
  Strangely nobody asked me for a Yes badge.  I did find Dr Peter Shand lurking in the corridor with a Yes postcard in his pocket to be ironic and controversial I suspect.  He wore a No badge on marking day.  

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nadene Carr Subliminally Infiltrates the Fingers Group Show and Ann Robinson at FHE 07 November 2010

Ah, the annual Fingers Group Show at Fingers, stangely opening on a Sunday afternoon to coincide with Auckland Art Week.  What a great selection of new and exciting work.
I especially liked the new Shelley Nortons so I bought one. 
Nadene decided to get some of her graduate pieces on show for this Subliminal Infiltration and by golly did they look fabulous.   
 We all loved Lisa Walker's new tabloid necklace
 Caths collar perfectly matched her frock
 New MSVA graduate-to-be Lucy was delighted to be infiltrating as was Kristin Toller (Unitec 2009). It was great to see our friend Ross Malcolm who has been running around in Scotland all year. We love him! He should be a Satellite Geek too.
 As the new Ann Robinson show was on next door we felt obliged to Subliminally Infiltrate FHE - a very good show of pods and vessels.  Cath decided to subliminally wear the largest circa $38000 Ann on her shoulder.

The Geeks surprise infiltrate Rachel Bell at Objectspace 02 November 2010

The night before the opening of the Museum Of True History Vault, the Lisa Walker Windowspace and the 'One Brown Box' exhibitions at Objectspace we found out that our Satelitte Geek friend Rachel Bell (who had some work in the Museum of True History) had been selected for next years Talente in Munich. Fabulous!
So we did a surprise Rachel Bell Subliminal Infiltration of Rachel Bell.
 She was most surprised and happy. 
Here is Kristin getting her autograph - she is so famous!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Sharon Infiltrates Peter Deckers and Lisa West at Masterworks 03 November 2010

Sharon decided to Sublimninally Infiltrate this opening with things she makes and wears herself in random moments of adornment that are very different to the things she makes to sell.  Cath infiltrated that plan though by wearing her new floppy poppies brooch and the ring from the brooch/ring baggie that was in 'The Multitude' exhibition which everyone now loves so long as it is out of its baggie.  Am I the only one who loves wearing plastic baggies and safety pins???

Tonight we awere infiltrating the new Peter Decker's THINKspace (which is super super cool!)and Lisa West in the Jewellery Box and John Roy out the front.
 Kristin wearing a creature (out of Sharon blob but actually made by Joey) and Christine wearing the box of chickens
 The Lisa Walker Stalker Brooch/Necklace 2008 
 Nadene Carr pulling the string on the vintage fun-ho racing Car
Eloise sporting the longest drink in town giraffe
and here is Sinead wearing Sinead and that girl that makes the vulvic brooches.

Stealth Jewellery Bombing at the MSVA BVA Y1-3 end of year show, 02 November 2010

Aaah, the end of the university calendar is approaching, so some of the geeks embarked on a Stealth Jewellery Bombing mission to the Manukau School of Visual Arts Year 1 - 3 end of year show wearing Raewyn Walsh.
 Gearing up on the roadside 
 Two students had installations with black light which showed up sharons space invaders fantastically.  We all  had tremendous fun in a dark cupboard with glowey spots but unfortunately the camera was malfunctioning.
The geeks couldnt resist subliminally infiltrating someones moving image wall projection 
These strange wall adornments were a firm favourite - sadly I dont know her name but will endeavour to find out...  i think it was rebecca somebodyorother from year 3. 
 Two Walsh handles infiltrate Darshini's Peacock's mirror
 Sinead's work looked fantastic
 By chance, the Tuesday night night class was on so we had chats in the workshop.  Said hello to my old classmate Ellen (that is her blue sleave in the corner).
Cath was quite fond of our felt whiteboard buffer.