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In 2010, Seven Auckland Jewellery Geeks embarked on a mission to get their work out there and seen by Subliminally Infiltrating other people's openings with the work of that evening's Feature Geek.
In 2011, a few more geeks join in the fun and break a few of the original Subliminal Infiltration rules...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Kristin Subliminally Infiltrates St Paul Street Gallery and gets all interactive

With a quick rush around to get enough Kristin D'Agostino to wear while she was out of the country, the Geeks Subliminally Infiltrated their first 'Fine Art' opening.  Lynsay's flatmate Charlotte and Selina were also infiltrating in borrowed fungiware.

Satellite Geek Selina Shanti Woulfe and some other people were staring in Make / Shift: a pacific islandy influenced artist show with the whole works - moving image, strange fruit, drawings, prints, found retro pictures, photography, installation and performance art. Excellent. The best thing about this exhibition was the chocolate chip cookies, the chocolate cakey things and the Coopers beer - Nadene gave that the big thumbs up!

Selina's work and photos were fantastic of course.  For some reason we tended to bunch up for 5 minutes and then disperse in little groups before being drawn back each other.  It must have been the influence of those bikini bottoms stuffed with talcum powder on bungy cords or maybe the Fungi just wanted to grow in amongst the other installations. 

Or maybe it was because not many people were paying any attention to our Subliminal Infiltration, so we subliminally started drawing attention to ourselves.  Who knows.
It was a fun night out and we got to chat to lots of people we havent seen in ages. 
Yay St Paul Street, Yay D'Agostino Fungi.

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