What is this all about?

In 2010, Seven Auckland Jewellery Geeks embarked on a mission to get their work out there and seen by Subliminally Infiltrating other people's openings with the work of that evening's Feature Geek.
In 2011, a few more geeks join in the fun and break a few of the original Subliminal Infiltration rules...

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Infiltrating what?

A brief and unconcise history:

By happy coincidence, 3 auckland jewellery Geeks (yes we are trying to think of a better name) wore Cath Dearsley felty brooches to the Fingers Contemporary Jewellery exhibition opening on 04 August 2010 featuring new graduate work by Nadene Carr (MSVA), Kristin Toller (Unitec) and Debbie Adamson (Otago Polytechnic).

Now, the Geeks have been planning to do some guerrilla actions at openings for a while but hadnt yet found a suitable behaviour to get ourselves out there and noticed without looking like complete dicks.

Being smart and perceptive like we are, we quickly realised the potential of this 3 Cath Dearsley accidental happening and set about creating a cunning plan to subliminally infiltrate the Auckland Contemporary Jewellery and Art scene in the four months leading up to our pencilled in THINKspace show at Masterworks Gallery opening on Wednesday 01 December 2010.

The plan: keep it simple, showcase one Geek's work at each opening leading up to the THINKspace, taking photo documentation and keeping notes on comments and feelings as we go along.

The Geeks are: Kristin D'Agostino, Raewyn Walsh, Cath Dearsley, Nadene Carr, Lynsay Raine, Gillian Deery and Sharon Fitness.

Satellite Geeks who may also be participating are: Joey, Lillian, Rachel, Selina, Renee and whoever else wants to play in our sandpit.

Our general long term goal (after we have chosen a better name of course) is to subliminally infiltrate the world! So watch out, here we come...


  1. LOVE IT!!! If you need any Sydney-side pimping done I know some likely Aussie geeks who will assist.
    A big geeky hello to you all

  2. Yes, we will definitely schedule an infiltration for Touch Pause Engage - we may need you and Zoe and a few other satelite geeks to help out. Yippee!