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In 2010, Seven Auckland Jewellery Geeks embarked on a mission to get their work out there and seen by Subliminally Infiltrating other people's openings with the work of that evening's Feature Geek.
In 2011, a few more geeks join in the fun and break a few of the original Subliminal Infiltration rules...

Friday, November 30, 2012

A Surprise Subliminal Infiltration of Sinead Jury's Jewellery Box at Masterworks - 28NOV12

We just love a surprise Subliminal Infiltration!

Getting dressed on Wednesday morning knowing that I was going to the Bronwynne Cornish, Sinead Jury and Matthew McIntyre-Wilson openings at Masterworks that evening, I debated over whether to wear my Bronwynne Cornish Care Package pendant or my Sinead Jury squashed bead string.  

Arriving at Masterworks I discovered Gillian Deery in the stock room wearing a squashed bead string.

Then Sinead Jury and Bronwynne Cornish wearing squashed bead strings...
 ...and delighted over a whole cabinet full of squashed bead strings.
Cath Dearsley arrived wearing Lynsay Raine, so had to do an emergency purchase.  She was grinning from ear to ear with her new squashed bead string.
Shelley Norton arrived wearing no jewellery so had to do an emergency purchase also, only to discover that we both had our eyes on the yellow one.  'Never fear' said Sinead, 'there are two yellow ones!'  And so, we both purchased twin squashed bead strings (Shelley purchased another peachy one later too).
Christine was wearing a squashed bead string.
Sharon discovered her squashed bead string could also be worn as a bracelet.  The eagle-eyed among you will notice that Raewyn turned up wearing Raewyn, so...
... she too had to purchase a squashed bead string.  Eloise snuck a red squashed bead string on Al when he wasnt looking.
Here is Sinead shuffling through the cabinet of squashed bead strings.  The eagle-eyed among you will spot New Zealand's biggest, most fantastic super hero painter of all time (apart from Colin McCahon) Dick Frizzell in the background!  
Eloise proving that the squashed bead strings are an addictive drug.  Wearing one multi coloured one while eying up another multi coloured one.
I just love walking around the corner to find a line up of Auckland Jewellery Geeks wearing squashed bead strings...
... and if you have a line, you have to have a circle.
The squashed bead strings were catching a glimpse of themselves in the reflection of a Bronwynne Cornish Oracle.
Nadene doing an impression of the Bronwynne Cornish Taniwha wearing a squashed bead string and the fluorescent pink egg pendant that Cath made earlier that day.

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