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In 2010, Seven Auckland Jewellery Geeks embarked on a mission to get their work out there and seen by Subliminally Infiltrating other people's openings with the work of that evening's Feature Geek.
In 2011, a few more geeks join in the fun and break a few of the original Subliminal Infiltration rules...

Friday, May 27, 2011

Cath Solo Subliminally Infiltrates the Lisa Walker Wearable book launch in Wellington 21May11

"I was too shy to talk to Karl but Dave was rabbiting on to him. Lisa was nice." - CD
Cath Dearsley reports from the field:
Floppy poppies by Sharon Fitness infiltrates Lisa Walker Wearable book launch at Bartley and Company gallery, in that quirkily named Ghuznee street...
Floppy Poppies went on mini break to Wellington with Cath. Sharon was unable to go so she sent her tentacled friend (no not Cath) to check out the magnificent new jewels. 

Having arrived geekily early, the gallery filled to that elbow in your drink and nibble level, as the groovier types rolled in later...
Floppy Poppies and Cath had a lovely time meeting Sam Kelly (of 2011 Talente fame...)
Wow check out those brooches!

Dave proudly clutching the spanking new book...
Wearable is an excellent (+ very affordable) new hardback from experienced book producer Lisa. The A4 sized pages each sport a gorgeous photograph of some of Lisa Walker's jewels from recent years. There are additionally shots of installations at various galleries and also those wonderful studio documentation shots that Lisa takes of newly finished pieces. Wearable includes an essay from 
Liesbeth den Besten.Yay! 

These lovely ladies give you a good idea of the scale of these neckpieces.
The soft Fabric beach ball like piece was my favourite. I think you would feel very cushioned from life blows wearing this.

* Reports of Floppy Poppy being injured later in the evening were unfounded. Dancing in squashed bar that night, floppy poppies did one two many Mexican waves and petal did disappear but retrieval efforts are underway.  

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